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With vast range of knowledge and experiences,Korea eco-friendly energy technology has been growing to become a leader in the global solar energy market along with its domestic and international partners.

Korea eco-friendly energy technology was found to conduct processing and recycling businesses of poly silicon, which is disposed from solar energy plants and semiconductor manufacturers. Now, the company is an OEM, which produces solar energy modules for various domestic and international corporates. Hanjung Energy Networks has a flexible manufacturing line for production of customized small solar energy modules, which allows the company to contribute to the exportation of domestic products in South East Asia, South America and Africa regions.

Yet, Korea eco-friendly energy technology is striving to promote further growth by developing environmentally friendly technology and products into its new growth engines and to achieve constant investment in R&D businesses of PTC (Parabolic Trough Solar Collectors), small hydraulic power plants that use water disposed from aqua-farms and reprocessing systems for disposed solar energy modules.

Korea eco-friendly energy technology will continue to put its outmost effort to continue its growth to become a long-lived leading company that contributes to the growth and development of the country and the industry by promptly and effectively reacting to the changes in the market.

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